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May 13, 2010


Account Deleted

It's tragic really. I could weep for your massive blind spot on one of the best bands ever, but instead I'm going to listen to all of my Radiohead albums while petting my robot and produce a counter blog.


I heart this post. Mostly because of the nicely done comparison between Hamlet and Radiohead (whom I very much detest). For this sir, I will gladly obtain for you two comp tickets to Hamlet at my place of business if you so wish to have them ;)


Oh I so wish!!!


If you are already alienated, it is comforting to know that others are too. If you feel secure in society, this knowledge may be irritating.


you know..there's this thing about "new waves", the crowd spirit and all that..when something new comes up, speaking of music, and it has an extra smth, it automatically activates that spirit i was talking about..look for eg, lady gaga. true artist, or just in vogue?


everything you said music "needs to have" or "should have" Radiohead has it. everything you said. just know that. and they're easily the best writers of vocal melodies since The Beatles, whom which Radiohead actually got me into.


radiohead sucks, kings of leon or any other mainstream rock band beats them and it's fucking sad.


Radiohead was good once. When the whole band actually played and ol' Thom didn't puppeteer the group for his own drama. I mean, remember when the band was a band instead of supporting Thom? Listening to new Radiohead (circa: Kid A and beyond, mostly - of course they had good songs here and there) on a bright summer day just makes me want to draw the shades and sleep. Bummer from a band who brought us politically driven Electioneering.


While this blog brings several good points, it fails to make an accurate comparison with Hamlet and Radiohead. I'll give him the first comparison, and even some of the third accurately compares Radiohead and Shakespeare (Which brings up the question if that's even I bad thing, but I digress). The main critique I have with his blog is that Fitter Happier has NOTHING to do with Hamlet's line about living in a walnut. Fitter Happier is about how mundane life is, and how conforming to the set social norms of society leads one to a life that just fills unfulfilled. Hamlet's line is meant to show how big his ego is. He says that he could live in a walnut and still fill like a king if it were not his bad dreams. So angry blogger, how do these two lines go together? Just because both have "bad dreams" in their body does not mean they relate to each other.


Radiohead is a fascinating pop phenomenon in that Thom Yorke has very limited musical ability, as well as being extremely ugly and annoying. It would've been better if Radiohead had remained the quaint low-rent cult indie band of the early 90s. But OK Computer was embarrassing. Yet Radiohead became inexplicably popular. The only possible explanation seems to have been fans' musical illiteracy. All anyone had to do was listen to Phaedra, Wish You Were Here or Autobahn to become instantly aware of Radiohead's absolute mediocrity and unworthiness. The Wall, for example, is a majestic statement which makes OK Computer or Kid A look feeble in comparison. Radiohead album sales always relied on the gullibility of the public since it had been done before and better. The difference is that Pink Floyd - whom Yorke obviously idolize - actually have songs. Good songs. But teenagers didn't want to make the effort to find any of this out, they just followed fashion's flow and still do. Perhaps the worst thing about Radiohead is that they spawned a whole genre of excruciatingly twee music for bedwetters sung in falsetto by the likes of Coldplay.

Brandon Matson

But I listen to Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, and Radiohead. You guys are a let down.

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